At the heart of Karlsruhe

The market square is the central heart of Karlsruhe's city center and, along with Kaiserstraße, the hub of city life in Karlsruhe.

The square is framed by important buildings in the town, such as the town hall, the town church and one of the most famous landmarks: the pyramid, the mausoleum of the town's founder Margrave Karl III. Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach. On the square, which has been redesigned since 2020, the water features in particular provide a refreshing change for young and old in summer.

On the market square, a traditional department store meets a traditional restaurant, revealing the square as a place of history. An additional shopping experience is created by the regular markets that take place there, for example the weekly flower market and the Christmas market at Christmas time.

Shops and restaurants

Overview of shops and restaurants in the area Marktplatz

In the area