The golden core

 This fan-shaped street is a place that preserves the past and shapes the future.

 With historic buildings and political squares such as the town hall or the Platz der Grundrechte.

The Karl-Friedrich-Straße not only offers numerous shopping opportunities, but also has a high historical significance. Karl-Friedrich-Straße bears the title of the "golden center" of the Karlsruhe fan. As the city's most historic street, Karl-Friedrich-Straße - named in honor of Grand Duke Karl Friedrich - not only connects Marktplatz and Rondellplatz, but also stretches from the palace to Ettlinger Straße in the south. Direct access to the popular Ettlinger Tor shopping center offers you the best opportunity not to let the bad weather spoil your shopping mood. Modern system gastronomy meets traditional pubs and well-known bars here.

Shops and restaurants

In the area