Charming from top to bottom

You can experience the special charm of Karlsruhe’s fan-shaped Streets particularly well on Waldstraße. 

You cannot simply walk past countless shops and restaurants lining the street from the Palace up to Sophienstraße without at least taking a look at the new product range.

Waldstraße is one of the longest and well-known of the fan-shaped Streets in the city and has a direct view of the impressive facade of the Karlsruhe Palace. It not only leads to one of the hallmarks of the city, Waldstraße also crosses the popular Ludwigsplatz and passes the Staatliche Kunsthalle. It offers Karlsruhe locals and tourists the perfect blend of an exciting hotspot and a quiet little side street. It is home to both independent shops and big-name stores, and fans of trainers will be spoilt for choice here. You will also feel right at home at any of the bars, cafés or restaurants. Regardless of whether they’re looking for a gourmet deli or international cuisine, every connoisseur will find what they’re after here.

Shops and restaurants