Where the music is played!

Ludwigsplatz is primarily characterised by its wide selection of bars and restaurants and its “La dolce Vita” atmosphere. This is where the music is played, which you will notice if you pass by on a warm summer evening. 

Situated right on the cosy Erbprinzenstrasse, you can enjoy the last rays of sunshine here after a long day of shopping.

Ludwigsplatz is located around ten minutes away from Marktplatz on foot. The former marketplace, Ludwigsplatz now serves as a popular meeting point for night owls who want to see out the day on warm summer nights with a good meal and fruity cocktails. The square is right at the junction of Erbprinzenstraße and Waldstraße. Thanks to its location on both of these charming streets, you can enjoy the lighter side of life at Ludwigsplatz, as well as go shopping in a comfortable atmosphere.

Shops and restaurants

Overview of shops and restaurants in the area Ludwigsplatz

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