Karlsruhes Top Ten

10 Highlights in Karlsruhe

Don't miss these places when you're in Karlsruhe!

Whether in bright sunshine or on a gray winter day - the choice of things to do in Karlsruhe is huge. That's why we've put together 10 highlights for you that you absolutely have to plan for your visit to Karlsruhe.

1. Karlsruhe Castle

A visit to Karlsruhe is only complete when you have visited Karlsruhe Palace with its extensive palace gardens. As the center of the fan-shaped city, it was the residence and seat of government of the margraves, then the electors and grand dukes of Baden for around 200 years from its completion in 1718. Today, the building is home to the Baden State Museum, where, in addition to the permanent exhibition, there are changing exhibitions for those interested in culture. After visiting the museum, you can take a stroll through the palace park. Alternatively, you can simply explore the grounds with the Schlossgartenbahn.

2. Zoological City Garden

A visit to the Zoological City Garden, which is characterized by the unique combination of city garden and zoo, is a must. A highlight of the zoological area is the Exotic House, where you can marvel at a wide variety of tropical plants and animals. On a leisurely gondoletta ride, you can sail across the Stadtgarten and Swan Lake and have the opportunity to observe the animal inhabitants from a completely different perspective. If you prefer the City Garden area, you should stop off at the Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden, which can be seen from afar with its red Shinto shrine.

3. Center for Art and Media

Attention culture lovers: The Center for Art and Media - ZKM for short - is one of the world's most important art institutions. Together with the Städtische Galerie and the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung, the ZKM is housed in a former munitions factory on Platz der Menschenrechte. In addition to production and research, you can visit changing exhibitions and events here, where interactivity is never neglected! The permanent exhibition "zkm_gameplay. the next level" is particularly worthwhile.

4. Around the Alter Schlachthof

The creative heart of the city beats in the Alter Schlachthof. Take a walk around the disused slaughterhouse site and discover the original concepts that are being created here. Fine craftsmanship, innovative start-up companies, creative restaurants and cozy cafés - you certainly won't get bored in this area.

5. Botanical Garden

You should take a break in the Botanical Gardens, the green oasis of the residential city. Here you can marvel at numerous cacti and tropical plants in the beautifully designed show houses.

6. Durlach

If you like strolling through beautiful old towns, Durlach is the place for you. Durlach's old town with its picturesque market square, historic town wall, castle square and small alleyways is characterized by medieval flair. In addition to the historic town center, a ride on the Turmbergbahn up Karlsruhe's local mountain is an absolute must.

7. Karlsruhe from above

Flying high: From the viewing terrace on the Turm berg and from the Karlsruhe castle tower, you not only have a fantastic view over Karlsruhe, but you can also let your gaze wander over the Rhine plain and the Palatinate mountains.

Our tip: You should definitely take time to enjoy the sunset from the Turmberg.

8. Karlsruhe markets

How about a morning stroll through one of the beautiful weekly markets in Karlsruhe? The picturesque backdrop of Durlach's old town or the historic ambience of Gutenbergplatz are perfect for this. Enjoy the wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, regional cheese specialties, oven-hot baked goods and other local products. In addition to the weekly markets, there are also numerous flea markets where you are sure to find a treasure or two.

9. Into the cool water

From sliding fun in the Green Viper in the Europabad to refreshing quarry ponds in hot temperatures and relaxing wellness in the Vierordtbad thermal baths - water lovers get their money's worth in Karlsruhe.

10. Evening finale at Ludwigsplatz

In the evening, numerous restaurants and bars on Ludwigsplatz invite you to enjoy the ambience , true to the motto "see and be seen". The nearby Postgalerie, Kaiserstraße and the nearby boutiques are perfect for an evening shopping spree.