Ice cream parlours in Karlsruhe


by Friederike

With the temperatures in Karlsruhe on the rise, there’s nothing better than cooling down with a relaxed walk or bike-ride and a delicious ice cream.

The following six ice cream parlours are located in the city centre and near the castle - the perfect opportunity to enjoy your ice cream in the castle garden!

Eiscafé Capri

This ice cream parlour is tucked away at Kaiserpassage 2. Even the name promises a holiday feeling and an Italian flair. But instead of the old German classic ice cream “Capri”, you’ll find a large selection of different flavours. The parlour’s special feature is the owners themselves, who have been behind the counter since 1959. Even if the weather isn’t perfect, you can take cover inside the parlour, which has seating on two floors.

Since 1959

In addition to typical flavours, the Capri also offers extraordinary ones

Arte Dolce

According to Feinschmecker magazine, the Arte Dolce gelateria at Kaiserallee 51 is one of the 40 best ice cream parlours in Germany. The current anniversary ice cream (coconut, sesame, dates, cane sugar, cardamom) creates a brand new ice cream experience for foodies and is well worth a visit, especially if it’s followed by a walk towards Gutenbergplatz where the beautiful flowers and trees are currently in full bloom.

5th anniversary

Besides ice cream there are some other sweet temptations

Eiscafé Casal

This ice cream parlour is just a few metres further down the street and has been around since 1951. You’ll notice straight away, as the sun breaks through the clouds, that everyone flocks to buy themselves an ice cream where it’s completely quiet at first. As well as typical ice cream, they offer different specialities including fruity vegan flavours, cakes, crepes and slushies. With the palms outside in the seating area, it really feels like you’re in the south of Italy or France.

Since 1951

Big rush as soon as the sun rises

Eiscafé Cassata

Just cross Ludwig-Erhardt-Straße and you'll quickly reach the popular Eiscafé Cassata in the east of the city (Georg-Friedrich-Straße 30). Although certain flavours like “Karlsuhe Asphalt”, with its realistic asphalt colour, might make you think twice, you’ll realise you’ve got a delicious sepia-tinted vanilla ice cream once you’ve tried it. You can also order a personal ice cream cake.

on Saturday afternoon people queue all along the street

Specialty: Karlsruher asphalt and decorated waffles for kids

Eiscafé Tiramisù

This modern ice cream parlour is located at Ludwig-Erhardt-Allee 6. I was warmly welcomed as soon as I arrived and picked an ice cream. Of course, I wanted to try the tiramisu ice cream, and I have to say it definitely lived up to its name. I then went for a relaxed walk through the City Park, and the weather was simply too good to not enjoy an ice cream outside.

Next to City Park

yoghurt-passion fruit und tiramisu ice cream

Eiscafé Pierod

The next ice cream parlour – Pierod – is also found on Kaiserstraße, this time at number 133, and offers guests the chance to take a break from their shopping spree with a cup of coffee or a sundae.

Guests are already enjoying their ice cream and cup of coffee in the morning

Hours before the huge rush


After Goldzünglein, I turned towards the ice cream parlours on Kaiserstraße. Here, if you want to, you can hop from one parlour to the next, with an ice cream parlour every 500 metres, beginning with the Cortina ice cream parlour at Kaiserstraße 80a. Whilst I was talking to the owner, I found out that Cortina and Tiramisù in the east of the city and Dammerstock are a family business; Cortina, which is owned by Mr and Mrs Grava, has been in Karlsruhe for 60 years, and their daughter founded Tiramisù in 2009.

Enjoying sun and ice cream

Delicious giotto und yoghurt-passion fruit ice cream


Ice cream rolls – the food trend from Thailand – arrived in Karlsruhe in 2016. What makes this one special is that the small ice cream parlour at Zirkel 11 isn’t run by Thai owners, but by 23 year-old student Marcel Meckes from Baden-Württemberg! Goldzünglein’s most popular flavours are nut-nougat-banana and Oreo cookies. But the warmer it gets, the fruiter the wishes of his customers become. Last year’s hit was definitely the mango-lime-mint mix. The motto: “Keep it simple but good!”


Ready for the toppings

Oreo und raspberry ice cream with fresh fruit toppings and chocolate sauce

Am Albufer (On the bank at the river Alb)

The nice Gelateria and Flammerie is located in the district Dammerstock directly on the bank at the river Alb (Nuernbergstrasse 14). You can go for a ride with your bike and as a stopover, you can gain a little refreshment at the ice cream parlour. Besides ice cream, they also offer tarte flambée, pizza and other goodies.

Many people arrived with their bicycles to einjoy an ice cream

Appealing ice cream counter

I found some great ice cream parlours I’d happily go back to for a refreshing ice cream and to enjoy the Karlsruhe sun in all its glory.

Try these ice cream parlours and decide for yourself which one is the best for forgetting your everyday stress and simply enjoying a delicious ice cream.

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