City of law

Kalrsruhe - City of law

For over 75 years

As the "residence of law", Karlsruhe also symbolises the modern, democratic constitutional state of Germany.

"Karlsruhe has many faces, every third one belongs to a judge", as the saying goes: almost 400 professional judges work at the courts based in Karlsruhe.

Karlsruhe in good constitution

As the seat of the highest courts, Karlsruhe epitomises Germany's modern democratic constitutional state like no other city. This is also where the Federal Constitutional Court - the only constitutional body outside the federal capital Berlin - has been monitoring compliance with the constitution since 1951.

Places of law

The highest German legal institutions are based here in the fan-shaped city: the Federal Constitutional Court, the Federal Court of Justice and the Federal Public Prosecutor General's Office. Many important decisions bear the title “Karlsruhe judgement” and the whole of Germany looks to Karlsruhe when they are announced. There are also numerous other significant institutions located here.

Here you have the opportunity to have a look at all the institutions located in Karlsruhe that are connected with the subject of law.