Tatort Recht

The exciting crime city rally: Can you solve the case?

Coin scandal in Karlsruhe: Fake coins from the Federal Mint!

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Sounds curious. What was a real scandal in the world of law in 1975 can now be experienced live on our "Tatort Recht" tour. Can you solve the mystery of the scandal?

Experience exciting hours with this app-based outdoor exit game!

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What is it all about?

Welcome to Karlsruhe, the city of law. You could now take a guided tour of the city or travel comfortably through the city in a red double-decker bus to find out more about how Karlsruhe became the city of law and which scandals and crimes can be found in this city despite the highest courts, or you could grab your smartphone or tablet and experience a few exciting hours in this app-based outdoor exit game.

Game material

- Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet (Apple/Android)

- Power bank (for smartphones and tablets with tired batteries)

- Small pad & pen for notes as a reminder

- If required: city map

- Food, clothing suitable for the weather and a good mood



Your aim is to explore the City of Law in as little time as possible and solve the Karlsruhe minting scandal. To do this, you have to solve a series of puzzles. With every task you solve, you get closer to solving the case. If you come to a dead end or a puzzle is not accessible due to opening hours or other access restrictions, help is of course available.

When does the game end? Of course, when the last puzzle has been solved and you have arrived safely at your starting point. To keep the trail hot, we recommend that you play the game straight through to the end. Depending on your form on the day, you will need around 3 hours. If you don't make it and have to interrupt, you can scan the QR code again. Your score will be saved. If you have played through the game completely, you cannot reset the score. The game can only be played once.

The game begins!

What are you waiting for? Now you have the right tools for your crime scene law tour. But will you solve the case?

Important note:

Some institutions have closing days. We therefore recommend that you play the tour on Tuesdays - Fridays if possible!


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Tatort Recht Tour


Price 29,90€ / Team
Team size We recommend a team size of up to 5 people.
Suitable for Families, friends, school classes, team building & corporate events, tourists, ...
Start and end point Tourist-Information / Schaufenster Karlsruhe, Kaiserstraße 72-74, 76133 Karlsruhe
Event duration approx. 3 - 3.5 hours, depending on how quickly you can solve the tasks. The tour can also be interrupted and continued or completed at another time or on another device.
Route The tour takes you to various places in Karlsruhe city center that have something to do with the law or were involved in the coin scandal. The tour has a total distance of approximately 3.5 km.
Equipment The game is completely app-based. All you need is a smartphone or tablet (Apple/Android) to install the KA Tourism app. We recommend taking a power bank with you.
Language German
Dates The booking is not tied to a specific date or time. So you are completely free to decide when you would like to play the tour.
Voucher Book the tour and give it as a gift to your family, friends or colleagues.


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