E-bike rental stations

Karlsruhe is the number 1 cycling city in southern Germany. If you want to get around Karlsruhe quickly and in an environmentally friendly way, you can hire an e-bike at various stations in the city.

Rental stations from EnBW

EnBW - Energie Baden-Württemberg AG handed over two mobile charging and rental stations to the city of Karlsruhe to mark the city's 300th birthday in 2015. One is located on Berliner Platz, the other on the station forecourt. There are ten charging stations and eight pedelecs at each of the two stations.


Before using the pedelecs for the first time, registration is required via the following channels:

  • online at www.faecherrad.de
  • via the hotline 030/69205046
  • via app
  • or at the electronic station terminals


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