Cycling in Karlsruhe

Cycling in Karlsruhe

The "father" of the bicycle came from Karlsruhe!

His idea catapulted the world into a new mobile era: in 1817, Karlsruhe-born Karl Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn devised a brilliant invention – he developed the world's first two-wheeler – called "Draisine" in his honour. The original can still be admired at the City Museum in Prince Max Palace.

The bicycle still plays a major role in Karlsruhe: after Münster, Karlsruhe is the second most bike-friendly city in Germany. Its location in the Rhine Valley, moderate climate and compact, easily accessible city centre provide the ideal conditions for carefree cycling fun.

Karlsruhe is the ideal base for cycling tours to some of Europe's most scenic regions: the Black Forest, Palatinate Forest, Kraichgau and the French Vosges.

Whether you're a casual cyclist, amateur sports enthusiast or mountain biker – you'll find the perfect tour for you in Karlsruhe!

Between the Rhine and wine

Karlsruhe borders on four important long-distance routes: the Rhine/Rhine Cycle Route, the Rhine Valley Trail, the Black Forest Trail and the Stromberg-Murrtal Cycle Route.
The cross-border "Paneuropa Cycle Route" even leads from France's capital Paris via Karlsruhe to the Czech Republic, making it internationally renowned.

More tours

Challenging single trails, a race against time, exciting cultural bike tours or leisurely tours around the fan-shaped city - there's something for everyone here!

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Did you know that the first steps towards the invention of the bicycle were taken in Karlsruhe? Karl Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn, Karlsruhe native and inventor, developed the world's first two-wheeler in 1817, called the "Draisine" after his name. A replica of the draisine can be seen in the town hall foyer (north side) on the market square.