The Werderplatz is a living place and the cultural centre of southern Karlsruhe. Here you find multiculturalism and alternative stores and bars. There are shopping possibilities, the culture centre KOHI and the "Indianerbrunnen" ("Indian fountain") - the landmark of southern Karlsruhe. A lot of inhabitants love the awareness of life there.

Though the Werderplatz is valid to be "social focal point" and to be "dirty", there is an unique flair: In summer months the seats in the beer garden of "Wirtshaus' Wolfbräu" are rare, students are sitting a few metres further on the discarded seating furniture in front of Cafe bento and around the Indianerbrunnen there are a lot of different people.

The supermarket Nahkauf at Werderplatz is open until 10 o'clock in the evening and is valid to be the "craziest" supermarket in Karlsruhe.

On Tuesday, Friday and Saturday there is taken place a weekly market from 7:30 until 2 o'clock.

An eye-catcher in the middle of the place is an open bookcase. Everyone who like can take or put in books.

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