Showcase Karlsruhe

Showcase Karlsruhe

A world of experience in the heart of the city


Showcase Karlsruhe

The most digital tourist information office in Germany

The Karlsruhe Showcase has been open since November 26, 2019 and welcomes tourists and Karlsruhe residents alike. It has created a place to experience Karlsruhe and not just provide information about the city's attractions and events. KTG Karlsruhe Tourismus GmbH and Stadtwerke Karlsruhe invite you to be inspired by the city. The Karlsruhe Showcase will itself become a venue for receptions, information days, readings and much more. In the 280 square meter space, a visit to one of the most modern tourist information offices in Germany becomes a digital experience.

Customer Journey

Interactive guidance system

A guidance system leads visitors through the interactive tour, where each visitor can individually compile their interests and data for their own micro-page. There will be a total of five stations where, thanks to QR code technology, the personal selection will be saved on a card, 100% anonymously of course. By scanning the code with their cell phone, visitors will be taken to their own Karlsruhe homepage and can conveniently take their information with them.
Of course, personal advice will also play a central role and so the employees of the Karlsruhe Tourist Information Office and Stadtwerke form the heart of the shop window.

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