Baggersee "Metzgerallmend" in Untergrombach

The lake Baggersee "Metzgerallmend" in Untergrombach is an attraction for people who seek for relaxiation. Every stroller, swimmer, angler or diver is welcome here!

Baggersee Untergrombach
Baggersee Untergrombach - © Daniel Rieck
  • The lake is divided in different belts.
    • The North and the South is a nature conversation area
    • The rest of the lake is for everyone (Areas for bathing and diving)
  • Near to the parkings lots, there are restrooms.
  • The sunbathing lawn is also perfect to make a barbecue.
  • It's forbidden to bring animals during the bathing season

Prices for parking:

Cars 5,00 Euro

Motorcycles 2,50 Euro


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