Schwitzer's Hotel am Park GmbH
4 DEHOGA stars - DEHOGA-geclassificeerd


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Diensten & prijzen

Kamer 2





Inrichting & informatie

Safety and sanitation measures
  • Accommodation is disinfected between stays
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Breakfast in the room/appartment
  • Breakfast à la carte
  • Cleaning utensils (e.g. mop, cleaning agent)
  • Contactless check in / check out
  • Contactless handover of keys
  • Contactless payment
  • Distance markings are provided
  • Filled refrigerator on arrival
  • Filling out the registration form in the room/appartment
  • Free cancellation period
  • Guests can indicate that the property will not be cleaned during their stay
  • Hand disinfectant dispenser in general areas
  • Hand disinfectant in room / apartment
  • Liquid soap and paper towels in the room / apartment
  • Notice signs
  • Partitions or physical barriers between staff and guests in appropriate areas
  • Protective masks available for guests
  • Provision of disposable gloves
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, door handles and handrails
  • Separate entrance and exit
  • Use of cleaning agents effective against the coronavirus
  • Washing machine (in the apartment / general area with usage rules)
  • Welcoming and informing the guest by phone


Route berekenen
Reisinformatie van de Deutsche Bahn

Vul de vertrekplaats in. Voor een nauwkeurige berekening van de afstand kunt u ook de straat en het huisnummer invullen.