UNESCO Media Art Weekend


Warning, you are about to leave the real world! Flickering screens. Whirring, humming bizarre installations and objects. Enigmatic. Sense and meaning do not reveal themselves at first and also not always at second glance. Where are we?

At the "ZKM". The dissolution of this abbreviation is far less sexy than what is offered here: “center for art and media”.

The ZKM was voted by experts the fourth most important art museum in the world. It made a decisive contribution to the fact that Karlsruhe has been the only city in Germany to receive the "UNESCO City of Media Arts" award - and is now part of a exciting international network.

Once a year Karlsruhe proclaims the "Seasons of Media Arts". Digital presentations in the urban area make locals and visitors vividly aware of what it means to be a “Smart City”.

The many works of art in the city's public space are monuments to its self-image: creative, cosmopolitan, tolerant and willing to experiment.

A great light show event takes place at the castle in summer: the “SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE” (Light Festival Karlsruhe). For the light compositions of internationally renowned artists the facade of the castle turns into southern Germany's largest projection canvas. Every summer, from August to September, thousands of visitors from all over the world come every evening to be enchanted.

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Services included in the package:

- 1 night at a hotel, breakfast included

- City Ticket (free travel by bus and train in the city area)

- Entry to the ZKM Museum

- A small gift

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