Comfort and flair

The triangular Lidellplatz, also known as the “Lidell Quarter”, invites visitors to take refuge from the bustling city centre.

The triangular Lidellplatz is located in the eastern part of Karlsruhe's city centre and is characterized by its familiar flair and cosiness. The square was built in 1970 away from the hustle and bustle and was named "Spitalplatz". Named after the former Bürgerspital hospital, the square was renamed "Lidellplatz" in 1893. Today it is surrounded by owner-managed stores and galleries as well as cozy cafés and restaurants, which can also be found in the adjacent Gewerbehof. In 2006, the square was renovated and the playground redesigned to ensure that Lidellplatz, with its listed Lidellbrunnen fountain, remains a meeting place for young and old.

Shops and restaurants

Overview of shops and restaurants in the area Kirchplatz St. Stephan

In the area