The “Euro”

In addition to Marktplatz and Kaiserstrasse, Europaplatz is a key location in Karlsruhe’s city centre. 

Situated in front of the Postgalerie shopping centre, it is a vibrant and much-frequented square and marks the beginning of the Kaiserstraße shopping street.

Europaplatz is located at the west end of Karlsruhe city centre. It is lovingly abbreviated to “Euro” by locals and is both a popular daytime spot and a key location in the city’s nightlife.

Europaplatz connects Karlstraße with the major shopping street, Kaiserstraße. The perfect connections to all of the major shopping streets, the forecourt of a shopping centre, and with good access to the public transport network – what more could you want for a pleasant shopping experience?

Shops and restaurants

Overview of shops and restaurants in the area


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