The ultimate shopping square

Stephanplatz, the spacious square behind the renowned Postgalerie shopping centre, offers a lot of open space, that is often used in interesting ways. The vibrant farmers’ market and quaint flea markets offer a very different kind of shopping experience.

Stephanplatz is located right behind the Postgalerie shopping centre, and due to its central location and size, cannot be overlooked.

A vibrant farmer’s market gives you the opportunity to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and flowers three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Several flea markets have also been established at Stephanplatz. Usually, the second-hand markets are held on the first Saturday of each month. Twice a year, the popular Artisans’ Market attracts locals and tourists alike to Stephanplatz. Therefore, an emphasis is placed on shopping at Stephanplatz – be it indoors at the Postgalerie shopping centre or outdoors at one of the many markets.

Shops and restaurants

Overview of shops and restaurants in the area Stephanplatz

In the area