The green oasis

Friedrichsplatz is the green oasis of the city centre. Centrally located, Friedrichsplatz invites visitors to take a break from the daily grind. 

Be it during summer with a refreshing ice cream or in winter at the Karlsruhe Christkindlesmarkt. As a venue for a long list of events, is it often livelier than any other square in the city.

Friedrichsplatz is one of the most well-known squares in the city. Surrounded by popular cultural heritage sites, such as the State Museum of Natural History and Baden’s State Library, Friedrichsplatz is the perfect place to take a break in a natural setting. As the venue for many events such as the renowned Karlsruhe Stadtfest in autumn or the Christkindelmarkt in winter, Friedrichsplatz attracts both locals and tourists all year round. The close proximity to the city’s largest shopping centre, Ettlinger Tor, offers the perfect opportunity for a shopping trip.

Shops and restaurants

Overview of shops and restaurants in the area Friedrichsplatz

In the area