An all-round success

The semi-circular section of road in front of the square at Karlsruhe Palace is known as the “Zirkel” in the fan-shaped city. Famous for its numerous art galleries and historic political buildings, the Zirkel attracts more than just art lovers.

A semi-circular street in front of the square at Karlsruhe Palace, the Zirkel is a known meeting point for art lovers. The Staatliche Kunsthalle gallery is located at the western end of the Zirkel. The Palace makes for a heavenly backdrop and makes browsing the galleries and shops on the Zirkel even more special. From high-end paintings to funky street art – it has exactly what every art lover could want. And not only that! From bicycles to diabolos, the street has something for everyone, including athletes and street artists. The close proximity to the Karlsruhe Palace Gardens offers the perfect opportunity to try out your new gear straight away.

Shops and restaurants

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