Shopping in a relaxed atmosphere

On Erbprinzenstraße, time moves very differently – here, people take a lot of time for quality of life and enjoyment. The well-known side street is a treat for all visitors in need of a break from the daily grind. In the numerous street cafés and atmospheric shops, you can relax and shop in peace.

Erbprinzenstraße, which runs almost parallel with Kaiserstraße, connects Rondellplatz with the vibrant Europaplatz. Since the Ettlinger Tor shopping centre was opened in 2005, Erbprinzenstraße has been an almost completely pedestrianised street with some bicycle traffic and is characterised by its cosy flair. Original, independent shops, small cafés and enticing bistros line the street. If you’d like to explore the shops in a more comfortable atmosphere, then Erbprinzenstraße is just the place for you. Far removed from the bustling Kaiserstraße, the many shops offering decorative items, quality ladies’ clothing and more invite you to take a browse. A small café is situated opposite, where you can wind down after a successful shopping trip.

Shops and restaurants

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