New citizens’ checkbook


The New citizens’ chequebook is issued at all residential registration offices in Karlsruhe upon the first registration of your residence in Karlsruhe.

The small, rectangular and highly practical welcome gift not only gives you a panoramic view of the broad spectrum of what’s on offer in the fan-shaped city, it also contains over 100 “experience it all in Karlsruhe"- coupons that include vouchers for everything from an Italian espresso to a taster training session at the many sports and gym facilities, right up to discounted entry fees to the many interesting cultural institutions, meaning that newcomers to Karlsruhe can enjoy a diverse range of free services.

As a new citizen, you can benefit in a number of ways:

Packed with enticing welcome information about Karlsruhe and a wide and diverse range of special offers at Karlsruhe’s retail, food and drink, cultural and recreational establishments, as well as churches, the coupon booklet invites you to take your first journey of discovery through Karlsruhe. The Neubürgerscheckheft will whet your appetite for the young and vibrant Fan City, for a city with a particularly high level of quality of live, and a rich selection of cultural and art institutions, a diverse range of shops, and a varied set of recreational activities.


Since 2017 the Neubürgerscheckheft has also included a free weekly ticket for the KVV public transport system.