Breaktime voucher of Karlsruhe

Would you as an employer like to give your staff a treat? With the breaktime voucher of Karlsruhe, that’s no problem! 

Karlsruher Pausengutschein
Karlsruher Pausengutschein

Every employer is allowed to give its employees up to 15 tax-optimised meal vouchers each month.

By issuing these vouchers, employees can enjoy a subsidy on their meals of up to 1,152 euros annually. The meal vouchers can also be issued in a tax-optimised manner up to this threshold of 1,152 euros (§ 8 Abs. 2 EStG). The maximum amount of the daily meal subsidy is 6.40 euros per employee. The first 3.30 euros are taxed at 25%, but the remaining amount of 3.10 euros is tax-free.

With the new voucher system, businesses can give their employees additional, tax-optimised compensation to increase their motivation and loyalty to the company.

National providers of meal vouchers require the employers to pay up to 10% of the value in fees on the vouchers purchased for their employees. With our system, the fees are only 2.5% of the total value. Another advantage of the meal vouchers is that those who purchase them will be supporting our local food and drink businesses, meaning that the money stays within the local region.

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