Have you ever nemmsd?

Request online, purchase in-shop?

nemms offers an alternative to classic online shopping in Karlsruhe.

Via www.nemms.app , you can enter custom search queries, such as “I am looking for a blue bicycle bag” or “Does anybody have an idea for a gift for my nephew?. The search request is forwarded to the appropriate shops in Karlsruhe automatically via nemms. The experts in retail will respond to your query in person via chat and make you a suitable offer. Once all of the questions have been resolved, you can go and pick up the product you want without any traipsing around.

City Initiative Karlsruhe e.V. and KME Karlsruhe Marketing und Event GmbH are supporting the rollout of this project in Karlsruhe.


Why should I nemms?

With nemms, you can find the product you are looking for in an easy and targeted way. The personal consultation can save you time and stress while shopping.

Shopping with nemms is just as easy as online shopping, while also promoting the diverse and wonderful local businesses in the city centre. So #nemms now and #simplyshop at www.nemms.app

nemms GmbH
Blarerstrasse 56
78462 Konstanz