The KARLSRUHER mobility bonus system

The KARLSRUHER mobility bonus system

For a long time now, the KARLSRUHER, a special coin that is part of the mobility bonus system in Karlsruhe, has allowed you to save money on tickets for public transport or even park for free.

The KARLSRUHER is an official coin with a value of 50 cents and offers you unparalleled benefits – park for cheap in almost all of the parking facilities in the city centre and at all indicated parking machines throughout Karlsruhe’s city centre, use the entire KVV public transport network at a discounted rate, save money on fuel at participating filling stations, or park your bike for free at Karlsruhe Central Station.

At the Mobility Festival on Saturday, 16 June, customers and visitors at the following businesses will receive ten coins with a total value of €5 as a gift!

amiconsult - Apotheke 29 - LINDA Apotheke Burgert Am Ludwigsplatz - Basislager Sport Handels - Buchhandlung am Kronenplatz - Cafe Conditorei Brenner - Congress Apotheke - Detlev Louis Motorradvertriebs - Galerie HESS - Gut zum Leben - Haus des Hörens – Henrys - Hut Nagel - K&S Citystore - Musikhaus Schlaile - Papier-Fischer - Partyservice Schmid – Rasselfisch - Reformhaus Böser - Schuhhaus Danger - Stephanus Buchhandlung - Wilkendorf's Teehaus - Wok Man China Imbiss - STEPHAN Parfums & Kosmetik - Adecco Personaldienstleistungen - El Taquito - Karlsruher Spendenradeln - Schuhhaus Roth

You can also collect the coins and redeem several at once, meaning that you can park or travel by tram completely for free. Several times a year (for example during the Stadtfest or during Advent), you can even benefit from special offers to get five of the popular coins for the price of one. 

Enquire at one of the over 100 participating businesses about the KARLSRUHER.


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