Under the motto “The customer comes first”, you can find a range of special services available to make your stay in Karlsruhe even more pleasant.

The close cooperation between the individual businesses means that you can make use of truly special services, such as the "Lieblingsdasch" canvas bags and umbrella hire. That means that no rain storm can stand in the way of your big shopping trip!

You can also find information on where defibrillators are located in the city centre in the case of a medical emergency, which can increase safety. Here, you will also find information about luggage storage in the city centre and the city’s free Wi-Fi service: the KA-WLAN. Would you like to save money on parking or travel? Use the official KARLSRUHER coins to make use of one of the many unparalleled services that are on offer in Karlsruhe.


Request online, purchase in-shop? The app nemms is also coming to Karlsruhe, thereby offering an excellent alternative to classic online shopping!

Service for you!