Nice toilet in Karlsruhe

The “Nette Toilet” initiative

Public toilets seem to be a problem all over the world – unclean, unhygienic and unpopular. Now, the “Nice Toilet" initiative is tackling this issue.

Many of the public toilets are a problem everywhere in the world – unclean, unsanitary and unpopular. The Germany-wide initiative "The Nice Toilet" (German: "Die Nette Toilette") provides a remedy.
Yellow and red stickers mark restaurants and shops that offer their toilets for free use. These toilets often have additional changing facilities and barrier-free access. All participating shops and restaurants can be found using the “Nice Toilet” app. You can download the app from this website.
The initiative already has around 2,500 members in Germany – and the trend is rising.
In Karlsruhe, this initiative is overseen by the office for structural engineering and building management.