We speak your language

We speak your language! Multilingual service in action!

Customer service, attentiveness, friendliness, helpfulness and employee expertise; these are all crucial requirements in retail. In Karlsruhe, that will soon also include language skills among the services offered, because as the Chinese philosopher Confucius told us, the art of language is in being understood.

Karlsruhe understands its guests, visitors and customers

Today, communication is more important than ever – above all when the shops, restaurants and cultural establishments in Karlsruhe are frequented by guests, visitors and customers.

Ultimately, the Internet and our multicultural society are increasing the exchange and importance of foreign languages. In Karlsruhe, they say: If you can answer somebody in their mother tongue, you are giving them a feeling of home. Ultimately, Karlsruhe has been an open city since it was founded and fosters a cosmopolitan society.

Be it in English, French, Russian, or using creative hand gestures: many companies show the languages spoken and understood by their staff right at the front door. It’s extremely practical information for communication, because Karlsruhe understands what its guests, visitors and customers need in a figurative sense, too.

For businesses

Do you run a business in Karlsruhe and wish to offer your customers this special, free service? Then contact us and order stickers, free of charge!


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