Pfinzgau Museum Durlach

The Pfinzgau Museum,which is located in rooms inside the Baroque Karlsburg (entrance B), illustrates the history of the city of Durlach, which remained a “free city” until 1938. The exhibits include various works of art, cultural objects, and accounts of everyday life.

The museum illustrates the history of the city of Durlach, which was first settled during the Roman era and remained a free city until 1938. Durlach, a creation of the Swabian dynasty, was the residence of the Margrave of Baden-Durlach from 1565 to 1718 before it developed into an industrial centre in the 19th century.

A model of Karlsburg before 1689, a model of the city in 1800, a large collection of Durlach faience from the 18th and 19th centuries, records of Durlach industrial enterprises, plus a variety of documents, paintings and photos shed light on the largest city district in modern-day Karlsruhe.

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