Kaiserstrasse is the main shopping area in the Karlsruhe city centre. It is brimming with retail outlets, shops, cafes and snack bars. Enjoy a leisurely stroll down Baden’s longest shopping boulevard.

Kaiserstrasse was previously referred to as ‘Long Street’ and was home to a variety of grocers and retailers all keen to catch the eye of the many passers-by. Today, these shops have been succeeded by the types of large retail chains you find in many German pedestrian areas. But, nestling between them, a number of traditional shops are still thriving.

As in the old days, there are still plenty of fascinating shops where you can browse through all sort of items, such as the antiques in Herrenstrasse. Curious and committed buyers often find what they are looking for in Waldstrasse, Herrenstrasse or Ritterstrasse in the west of Karlsruhe’s fan-shaped inner city, or on Erbprinzenstrasse which cuts across all three.

At the heart of the city, business is often bustling, so many shoppers enjoy a spot of rest and recuperation in one of the numerous street cafes.


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