Jakobus Theatre

The Jakobus Theatre was founded in 1972. As an amateur theatre, it is unique in its work with professional directors. Performances take place in the Fabriktheater, an old municipal building at Kaiserallee 11, also home to the puppet and “Sandkorn” theatres.

Jaobus Theater Eingang Quelle: Jakobus Theater
Jaobus Theater Eingang Quelle: Jakobus Theater

Together with the Theater “Die Käuze” (Oddball Theatre), there has been a regular theatre exchange programme between Karlsruhe and the “Lace Market Theatre” in Nottingham since 1982. The repertoire covers everything: from contemporary pieces to modern and German classics, comedies, literary cabarets, readings, Chanson folklore, music nights, children’s theatre, guest performances and much more.
Three new productions debut each year. Depending on the type of show, the theatre has between 60 and 120 seats at its disposal. A total of 100 performances take place each year with enough capacity to welcome 5,000 people.

For more information and show details, please visit: www.jakobus-theater.de


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