City Museum in the Prince Max Palais

The Karlsruhe City Museum is located in the rooms of the Prince Max Palais (Karlstraße 10). The museum offers guided tours through the permanent collection. Alternatively, check out the changing schedule of special exhibitions.

The museum showcases Karlsruhe’s history over an area of 800 square metres with staged scenes to depict living conditions in former times. Architectural models show the development of the fan-shaped city as it was constructed. One section of the exhibition is dedicated to the region as it was before the city was founded, while another area shows the Rhine port and the period of industrialisation.

A variety of images at the museum illustrate the lives and careers of notable personalities from the city’s history, such as the city’s founder, the grand dukes, the mayors and famous inventors native to the city. Further images depict daily life for the city’s citizens in past centuries. The exhibition room on the Third Reich features Nazi regime propaganda, evidence of the persecution of political opponents and minorities, and the after-effects of World War II in Karlsruhe. The 50s cinema brings post-war life in Karlsruhe back to life. The second floor of the building hosts special City Museum exhibitions.


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