Long-distance cycle routes

Karlsruhe borders four major long-distance routes: the Rhine Cycle Route, Rhine Valley Way, Black Forest Way and Stromberg-Murrtal Cycle Path. 

The internationally renowned, cross-border "Pan-European Cycle Path" leads from the French capital, Paris, via Karlsruhe, to the Czech Republic.

The fan-shaped city is therefore easily accessible by bike from all directions and a worthwhile cultural stop along the various long-distance and regional routes, offering a varied cultural programme.

Rhine Valley Way

The Baden-Württemberg Rhine Valley Way is around 512 kilometres long, running from Constance, via Stein am Rhein, Basel, Kaiserstuhl and Karlsruhe to Heppenheim (Bergstraße).

Rheintal Radweg
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Rhine Cycle Route

From Weil am Rhein/ Basel to Lampertheim, cyclists can cover the 320-kilometre Baden-Württemberg stretch of the Rhine - and change banks as they go, because the Rhine Cycle Route runs along the right riverbank in Germany and the left bank in France. The Rhine Cycle Route is also known as D-Route 8 and EuroVelo15.


Veloroute Rhein
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Black Forest Way

Cycling along the around 370-kilometre Black Forest Way from Karlsruhe to Lörrach is a great way to experience the wildly romantic Mittelgebirge landscape, with its dark pine forests and lush green meadows.

Stromberg-Murrtal Cycle Path

From Karlsruhe city centre, the Stromberg-Murrtal Way runs via Durlach, Karlsruhe's oldest district, to Pfinztal. The cycle path leads you through small villages with beautiful half-timbered houses. Other sights include the ancient monastery in Maulbronn, historic Bietigheim Old Town and Schiller's birthplace, Marbach. The Stomberg-Murrtal Way ends in Gaildorf, where it links up with the Kocher-Jagst Way. The route mainly runs along tarmac cycle paths and roads with little traffic.

Pan-Europa Cycle Path

Europe is becoming increasingly integrated. Building on this premise, the Pan-European Cycle Path links several existing long-distance cycle paths to form a route from Paris to Prague. The German section of the route runs through the middle of Southern Germany, from Kehl am Rhein to the Czech border. In Karlsruhe, the Pan-European Cycle Path follows the same route as the Rhine Valley Cycle Path.

Paneuropa Radweg
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