Bed & Bike hotels

Cyclists have special needs and requirements when visiting a city. In order to meet the requirements of these guests, the Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrrad-Club (ADFC) has developed quali­ty c­­ri­te­ria that allow extremely bike-friendly hotels and restaurants to receive an award: the "Bed and Bike" certi­­­­ficate.

In Karlsruhe, five hotels currently hold this certificate and can therefore provide the following services for cyclists:

  • cyclist accommodation, even for a single night
  • a lockable room for dree overnight cycle storage
  • a vitamin and carbohydrate-rich breakfast

Hotels in Karlsruhe with the "Bed & Bike" certificate:


Distance to Long-distance cycle paths

AAAA-Hotelwelt Kübler, Bismarckstr. 37-43, 76133 Karlsruhe Schwarz­wald-Radweg: 1 km/ Rheintal-Radweg: 8 km/ Stromberg-Murrtal-Weg 1 km
acora Hotel und Wohnen Karlsruhe, Sophienstr. 69-71, 76133 Karlsruhe Rhein-Radweg / Véloroute Rhin: 8.5 km/ Rheintal-Radweg: 9 km/ Schwarz­wald-Radweg: 1.5 km/ Stromberg-Murrtal-Weg 1.5 km
Hotel Beim Schupi, Durmer­s­hei­­­­mer Str. 6, 76185 Karlsruhe - Grünwinkel Rhein-Radweg / Véloroute Rhin: 4.3 km/ Rheintal-Radweg: 11 km/ Schwarz­wald-Radweg: 4.2 km/ Stromberg-Murrtal-Weg 4 km
Hotel Eden, Bahnhofstraße 15-19, 76137 Karlsruhe Stromberg-Murrtal-Radweg, 0,7 km / Rheinradweg / Véloroute Rhin, 6,3 km / Rheintal-Radweg, 7 km
City Partner Hotel Berliner Hof, Douglasstr. 7, 76133 Karlsruhe Rhein-Radweg / Véloroute Rhin: 8 km/ Rheintal-Radweg: 8 km/ Schwarz­wald-Radweg: 1 km/ Stromberg-Murrtal-Weg 1 km

More information www.bettun­d­­­­ (only in German)